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The Nearly Infamous Zango is an ongoing, bi-monthly comic book series from creator Rob Osborne and published by Absolute Tyrant.

     THE NEARLY INFAMOUS ZANGO #1 - A Very Important Preview - Pages 13-16

In Stores March 2008
Diamond Order Code: JAN083288


Lord Alfred Zango, Jr. was once the most feared super villain in Metrotown. He razed entire blocks, crushed super heroes beneath his heel. Now hes just a malcontent couch potato. In bunny slippers and bathrobe, Zango gorges himself on junk food and fumes over the media attention that other super-baddies receive. Too lazy to leave the house, Zango sends a gorilla assassin to eliminate his competition!

From the award-winning creator Rob Osborne comes this hilarious and offbeat look at super villainy.

24 Pages of Almost-Laugh-Out-Loud Comic Book Shenanigans,
Black & White, $3.50 USA

In Stores March 2008
Diamond Order Code: JAN083288



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