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Lord Alfred Zango, Jr. was once the most feared super villain in Metrotown. He razed entire blocks, crushed super heroes beneath his heel. Now heís just a malcontent couch potato. In bunny slippers and bathrobe, Zango gorges himself on junk food and fumes over the media attention that other super-baddies receive. Too lazy to leave the house, Zango sends a gorilla assassin to eliminate his competition!

From the award-winning creator Rob Osborne comes this hilarious and offbeat look at super villainy.

24 Pages, B&W, Bi-Monthly, $3.50 USA
Diamond Order Code: JAN083288

In Stores March 2008

Zango #1 | Free Preview
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Lord Zango is no longer the terror of Metrotown. He now pursues a steady diet of daytime television. When Zango learns that his longtime rival has a new nemesis, his temper explodes and the couch catches fire.

In an effort to reclaim his notorious reputation, Zango enlists the macabre talents of Deacon Dread. They conspire to turn ordinary produce into a monster army. But the experiment goes fruity, and they must face-off with a bad apple of their own creation!

24 Pages, B&W, Bi-Monthly, $3.50 USA
Diamond Order Code: MAR083375

In Stores May 2008

Zango #2 | Free Preview
Taste It Before You Buy It


Lord Zango pouts in his bed, but his pity party is interrupted by a ghostly foe! Van Freako goes on a foolís errand! Deacon Dread and Lady Nebula savor a quiet moment! Someone loses their head!

24 Pages, B&W, Bi-Monthly, $3.50 USA
Diamond Order Code: MAY083528

In Stores July 2008

Zango #3 | Free Preview
Taste It Before You Buy It


Metrotownís greatest hero is dying! Lord Zango is to blame! And the Iron Ox wants revenge! He wanted to kill Atomic Pilgrim himself! But Zango is in no condition for a brawl! Heís facing an intervention! The family wants him to confront his greatest fear! Donít miss this epic tale of the laziest supervillain alive!

32 Pages, B&W, Bi-Monthly, $3.50 USA
Diamond Order Code: n/a

Coming Soon!

Comics Waiting Room Interview
What's happening with The Zango?


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"...Osborneís art is fantastic
and the story is quite fun."
- Greg Burgas, CBR

"While the first two issues are
straight-up funny and do a great job establishing the unique world of the series, Osborne's book really starts
to shine in the third issue..."
- Doctor K

"Itís funny. Itís violent.
Itís every awesome thing..."
Rating: 4.5/5.0
- B. Schatz,

"Comedy is difficult in any medium,
but the timing of it is especially hard
on the comics page. In The Nearly Infamous Zango, creator Rob Osborne
makes it looks easy."


"...Zango is a blast!"

"...Funny and has one of the most absurd takes on a supervillain Iíve ever had
the privilege to see."



Newsarama Interview

" of the strangest tasting
peanut butter cups ever."

"It's funny, strange and
has strong cartooning."

"...Brilliant concept...
fresh and humorous."


HeavyInk Interview
Spilling about Zango, superheroes
and my love for floppy comic books

"...a funny comic with
a smart-ass premise..."

"In this issue, R.I.P. Van Freako fights
The Atomic Pilgrim, and the beauty of
that sentence is that I donít even have
to explain who those characters are.
You already know that itís awesome
just by reading those names

- Chris's Invincible Super-Blog

"...a quick-paced and
quick-witted funny book..."

- Great Caesar's Post





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